Customer should be allowed to swear

I was dealing with a customer on our chat function who had a late delivery because he didn’t write his address correctly on purpose. He left out his flat number because he says delivery drivers usually ring flat numbers until they get the right flat. Which is just silly.

He self censors himself a couple of times (“fked up”), but I usually brush past stuff like like this unless it’s directly aimed at me or they swear properly a couple of times. Which he then does, so I ask him not to swear and continue trying to help him. At the end of the chat conversation, he basically tells me off for taking it personally when all I did was say “please don’t swear” and he states that he should be allowed to swear if he is annoyed.

He comes back on chat the next day as he doesn’t have a delivery time yet, and almost immediately is using what I think of as less harsh swear words such as “twat”. After sorting his problem out and him venting again with more swearing aimed at the courier, I mention that I will pass this (meaning the issue) on to our courier account manger. Guy straight away is like, please do report the issue but don’t pass on this chat as I was just frustrated. We don’t pass the chat transcripts on, though I did agree with him, and pointed out that this chat is not suitable to refer to a professional business.

I’m a bit more lenient when customers swear on the phone, again as long as it’s not directed at me, but when it is being typed out there’s more thought to it and that stuff is recorded.

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