Please stop lying, I can see the truth.

Why do people insist on lying to get what they want. I do phone claims and people will try anything to avoid having to pay the deductible for the service. Today this guy calls in on the service request he made online for his phone. After verifying him on the account I look at the notes and see that he had the request open and it shows that it was created online and I opened it up and he had declared screen damage as it had a cracked screen and he also said there was water damage and the buttons weren’t working. When I looked at the description it said “spilled water over the phone” when I asked him about it he claimed that he didn’t actually have water damage even though he had spilled water on the phone, and the button issue was temporary. He also said he didn’t want to pay 200$ to replace the phone. I’m sitting there staring at the screen and thinking that the call is only 5 min in and there are already 3 red flags. This guy is no tech and is obviously trying to make me give him what he wants. I tell him I have to contact my help desk as I know they will tell me that we can’t cancel the request to make a new one but I had to try. At this point he is trying to change the story and that is considered fraud, so I needed the backup. The supervisor created what’s called an escalation to our licensed adjuster department so they can deny him that request to cancel the open request to make a “false” one. Then when I told the customer he said it was a mistake he made, but at first he told me he put water damage on the request to see what would happen… as if Mr. customer, I don’t believe you at all 😑

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