Pet Peeve: Disconnected Calls

Every day I have to deal with a handful of extremely curt, abrasive, and ungrateful people who decide that it is MY personal fault that their claim/policy/payment isn’t working and that the fact that I don’t have a magic button is offensive to them and their precious, precious time.

(Context: I work in customer service for insurance and yes, it is as bad as you’re imaging)

So these people, once I say that I cannot do press their special magic button, decide that no, they don’t want to talk to a supervisor. They’d much rather scream and shout about how everything is insulting to them, personally, and hang up.

Jeez, woman, I could have walked you through the solution if you only asked…

Anyways, is it just me or is this like 10x worse than other calls? There’s something particularly aggregating about someone hanging up, especially if they do it when I’m in the middle of suggesting a (perfectly valid) solution.

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No about the customer, but a BS "prize" my company is offering.

Client demands to speak with software developers because her password needs resetting. Another women doesn’t know what the internet is but wants online banking.