No about the customer, but a BS "prize" my company is offering.

Long time call center employee here for a very large auto insurer.

Yesterday I checked my email to see that our company randomly selected a few agents to get a certificate to throw out a graded call. Its absolutely bullshit. Our stats vs the floor go into how much our raises are and if we even get one. You can also be put on improvement plans and warnings and even fired for at little as one graded call being “non A level” because they grade less than 10 calls a month on us. So employee A can lose a call and get fired and employee B can lose a call and keep their job because they randomly got a do-over.

Just for the record I am in no danger of losing my job for graded calls. I just think its bs that I know people who are, and this feels so unfair.

Let me know what you think.

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