No, I can’t give everyone VTO, yes I’m aware it’s Christmas Eve

So I haven’t been on the phones in a few years – I got a chance to move up into a Workforce Management position and leapt at it. I help manage the call center schedule, adding trainings and meetings and all that fun stuff throughout the day at times designed to best manage our peaks and valleys of call volume. On days like today that are super slow, we use Voluntary Time Off to manage our costs. People get to go home early, we don’t have to pay them for the full hours, everybody’s happy.

Except for the people who don’t get offered it for whatever reason or another.

See, we gradually offer VTO to people whose shifts are ending next so we aren’t just deserting the center when the later shifts are the only ones here. This is how we always do it, but somehow it’s always a surprise that Ms. 8pm leave didn’t get her VTO offer at the same time as Ms. 3pm leave.

And even then we don’t offer to everyone. Someone does have to still be here through closing to take calls. Some people are ineligible due to performance, attendance, etc.

But nooooo, every wave I send out, there’s the same bunch of people strolling up to my desk asking why they didn’t get an offer – and then go back to their desks to complain about how customers ask the same questions over and over and don’t know nothing.

The irony hurts.

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