If you don’t have time, why did you took the call?

So this story is as me being the customer who’s getting a call from a call centre. The call was about a special offer for electricity, discount etc. Here how it goes:

Caller: Hi Mr.X we are company Y and we’d like to offer you a special discount for electricity, 5% discount during 3 years.

Knows that I live by myself and my cunsumption is quite low, so 5% is not even a dealbreak

Me: hm no not really interested, the discount isn’t that appealing for me Caller: yes but we garanty you that the price is frozen for 3 years even if the main company increase it.

At this time, I get a lift from a coworker as I just left work and the call continue, me trying to be polite to send him off.

Me: hm look, I’m not that interested for now and don’t really have time to look upon it, give me a few weeks and when I can, I’ll look into the offer and call back if I change my mind. Caller: Well if you don’t have time, why did you take the call then?

This is where the table in my head flipped out

Me:excuse me? ..Are we playing with words here? Are you kidding? Look…

He tried to says something

Me: You know what? You told me at the start of the conversation that this call is recorded, right? So hear me out! What the hell is that? You kidding me? I took over my time to answer your call and questiins, was patient despite not being interested in your offer, and you have the nurves to tell me “if you don’t have time, why did you answer the call?” what kind of professionalism is that? Are they putting people like you to work? you know what? Screw you and your offer, I hope they’ll listen to this conversation and take the right choice, have a good day and don’t ever try to call back this number!

My two coworkers who were discussing went silent, and pretty shocked to see me flip that much as they knew me for 3years and never saw that behaviour, went more mad when they asked me what happened!

Tl;Dr: call center called for an offer wich I kindly refused saying I didnt had time to look into it so he asked me why did I took the call if I don’t have time so I flipped over him.

Sorry for typo, english not 1st language + phone…

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