At least one of these a day

I do customer service for a particular toy company, among other things, at the center I work at. There most popular product, and thus the one I deal with the most, are these little dolls. They’re like inches tall and they are collectible. Most of them are girls but there is a boy one now and every day I get at least one call from some irate woman screaming about this little boys penis (feel free to use that one out of context). By that I mean the doll has a little bump and a hole instead of just a hole (the dolls can “tinkle” and that’s why they need a hole). They’re so small it’s actually hard to see but apparently it’s enough to “confuse” and “disturb” these young girls who don’t know anything about it and can only take ques from their mother.

This of course leads me to the question, the fuck do you want me to do about it lady? “Yes this is the callcenter, Linda B Pearlclutcher wants you to shut down production NOW!” No I can’t give you a refund there are no refunds. No I cannot replace it. No the warranty does not apply because it is not defective.

Bonus Round: A women today called me an asshole and said she was going to the news with it because not only does the boy have a penis, he’s wearing girls clothes (he’s not, he’s wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and a ballcap). Apparently the fact that he’s wearing a gold chain means its girl clothes. People are insane.

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So does it work or not

No about the customer, but a BS "prize" my company is offering.