Lady gets mad we allowed her disabled daughter to have a credit card.

(Trigger warning, Card member uses the R word)

As title says… this happened last year but I just found this thread. Lady has permission to speak to us about her daughter’s account. She will be Clueless lady (CL) I will be me, and her daughter will be Innocent disabled lady (IDL)

Me: Thank you for calling {Major american credit card company}, my name is me, can I have your name please?

CL: Clueless lady, I am IDL’s mother and I am authorized to speak to you.

Me: Thank you, I see that. How can I help?

CL: I want to know what gives you the right to give a disabled person a credit card? Especially with such a high limit!! My daughter IDL is retarded (yes, she said this) and you gave her a card and she ran it up over two grand!

Me: (baffled) Uh… the law?

CL: What?!

Me: Ma’am, we are not legally allowed to discriminate based on age, sex, national origin, race, location, sexual orientation, OR disability. In fact, we don’t even collect that information beyond the basics as we are required to do to by law to open an account.

CL: (more quietly) … What?

Me: (trying not to bang my head on my desk) Ma’am, we cannot discriminate. She is allowed a card if she applies for one and meets the minimum criteria.

CL: Can you block her card so she can’t use it?

Me: Not legally, no.


I swear… really?

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