I’m Not Mad at You For Calling Me Out; Just How You Called Me out

So I’m just gonna get into this. I’ll be ME and the customer will be CC for Crazy Customer.

ME: Hello and welcome to [redacted]. You’re speaking to Peace. How can I help.

CC: I want to talk about this letter. You said that I gave out my PIN and that’s why there were payments on them.

[Security ensues]

I find the information and instantly know this is going to be a torturous call.

ME: Thank you for that ma’am. I have the letter in front of me. I can see that your claim was rejected. Reason was because you confirmed that you still had your card with you and that nobody knows your PIN number. Therefore, logic dictates that either that you gave your PIN away or you were the one that used your card.

CC: BUT I TOLD YOU I LOST MY CARD AT THAT TIME BUT THEN I — [she was shouting so loud even the lowest volume settings didn’t help].

ME: — Yes ma’am, I was just about to come to that. YouCC also mentiomed that when you lost your card you didn’t have your PIN number written down. We have decided to, on that basis, reject your claim.

CC: But I still don’t like how you told me it was rejected. It came across as condescending.

ME: I’m sorry you feel that way but that is our reasoning. I can get you through to pur resoltions department if you would like to complain about the letter.

CC: No I don’t want o do that. I just don’t like how you wrote to me!

ME: Then I cannot help you ma’am.

CC: Ugh, a fat lot of good you are! [click]

I need a new job. I’ve applied for one but won’t hear back for a while. Help!

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