It’s a battlefield

For most if not all people who works in this industry holiday season somewhat resembles a battlefield over the phone.

This lady calls because her child’s phone is not working. The device is prompting them to enter a confirmation code the platform is sending before they can setup the device. They can’t receive the code because its not activated yet. Calmly advised her that they need to insert the old SIM in another compatible phone. This is where all hell broke loose.  She started yelling at me they don’t have another phone. Old one is busted. The kid’s not with her so we can’t use her phone. She have me on speaker while doing something on her end and screaming at me to make the phone work. In the most calm and soft voice I could, I explain to her what needs to be done to fix the problem. To my horror she started yelling for me to stop yelling at her. Dumbfounded, in a very low tone of voice I told her I am not yelling at her. She then started telling the people with her that I am disrespecting her. She then asked (while screaming) for my information because she’s going to complain about how I treated her over the phone. She then disconnected the call.

This happened day before Christmas her time and Christmas day my time.

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