Do you play?

TLDR: A 75 year old man calls a credit card company to ask the female associates if they touch themselves.

I work for a major bank/credit company that takes inbound calls. One of my shifts ends late at midnight. When it gets closer to that time, the calls end up being about 20-30 mins between.

So its about 10:45 or so on a tuesday night, and an old pervert calls in. I swear, he sounded like every typical old man with a shaky voice. His DOB on his account shows him as 75 years old. He will be Old Creep (OC) and I will be Me.

Me: Thank you for calling (Major American Credit Card Company), this is Me, can I have your name please?

OC: (Creepy old man shaky voice) Can I… plaaaaaay?

Me: (totally confused, I help with payments) Yes sir, I can help you pay. Do you have an account with us? (OC hadn’t given me his name so I have to play dumb until he verifies)

OC: Yes… Can… I … playyyy? (he kept drawing out the A sound and breathing heavily between words)

Me: Again, I can help you pay if you have an account. I will need your name please. (This goes back and forth for about ten minutes, him asking if he can “play”, and me telling him I can help with payments). He eventually gives me his name and DOB. This provides me MAJOR flags because I see several previous agents documenting him as an abusive caller using inappropriate language.

OC apparently gets frustrated… and therefore more graphic.

OC: Nononono… do you.. play… P-L-A-Y?

Me: (catching on, but cringing) I don’t play any instruments or games… sir, if you want to discuss payments for (Major credit card company), I can help you, but I must ask you to keep this professional.

OC: Do… you… play… at night by yourself?

At this time I am thinking is this old man really asking me if I touch myself…?

I try the warning again, this time offering a supervisor to get on the line, as per protocol. If they decline an escalation, we are allowed to hang up after a 3rd warning.

Me: Sir, would you like to speak to a supervisor?

OC: I don’t… know, does…. she play?


Well… we are cheaper than a 1-900 number…

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