It was bulging

I worked in a call center for 9 years, and I was never not shocked at how weird things can be when 1,000 people are working in a stressful job (auto collections) in the same building.

To wit: our center hired an occupational nurse when complaints about repetitive stress got out of hand. One of her first recommendations was very expensive, larger, more cushioned chairs for obese workers. My supervisor wasn’t exactly obese, but had a painful back problem caused by a herniated disc that he felt could be alleviated by one of these special desk chairs. So he sent the nurse an email directly rather than going through HR to make his case for one.

A week later he was called in to talk to HR about why sent the nurse an email telling her about his “bulging dick.” Typos are a real kick in the head. What’s worse is his wife also worked there.

TL;DR: supervisor emailed the nurse about his bulging disc, but accidentally spelled it “dick.”

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