"How can you get them to stop replying."

My inbox stagnated today. Typically this means for every e-mail I reply to, there’s either a customer who replied back, or there’s a new message. No biggie. As long as I’m replying and keeping good pace, I can get it down no problem. My boss doesn’t understand this concept. He never has. I’m used to it, as frustrating as it is.

The only reason he approached me today was due to a stalker customer. The stalker customer will e-mail, get upset there is no reply within a few minutes, and will message on every freakin’ platform available. And, it ends up on his table. This was his conversation to me (I took out the bits were I talked, because this is how it sounds like when he speaks):

“Hey, Tooktheheart, I got this ping from messenger. A customer says you are ignoring them….Oh, shoot. Is that how many we have in the inbox? But that’s what we started off with, how come it hasn’t moved? Really? That fast, huh? That’s a lot of replies. Maybe we need to take a different approach. Are you anticipating what they’re going to ask next? But it makes it look like we’re not getting anything resolved. Let me ask this a different way: How can you get them to stop replying? Just…Can you just pull up an e-mail? I want to see how you’re responding.”

At this point, I actually went to the main inbox and noted a lot of the replies were “Thank you!” and some spam. After clearing those out, we were actually roughly 15 less than what it showed. To which my boss said “Oh, that makes a bit of a difference, huh? Okay. Never mind. Can you pull up this customer’s e-mail? Huh.* *deep sigh* * Jeeze. Do me a favor and reply to them next. Thanks. Good work.” As he walks away: “They can’t wait like an hour for someone to reply…..impatient, lying people.”

Honestly, he’s a very smart guy. He just doesn’t know how to talk or react to people, lol.

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