How has working in a call center changed you?

I’ve found I’ve become more apathetic towards people and cynical in general. My humor has also gotten significantly darker, and while my patience has increased my tolerance for bullshit has taken a drastic decrease.

Some background. I’ve worked several call center jobs over the last three years, my most recent one being for teleperformance (the hell hole) for Medicare enrollment period.

I’ve found I absolutely can’t fucking stand dumb people, old or young, though the young ones at least don’t scream at me for asking for their name. I’ve also found I’ve become more understanding with other customer service reps.

I also found I developed severe anxiety and slight ptsd while on the phones (and I mean very slight). I can’t have a convo with my SO or a buddy on the phone anymore, I don’t even like calling my mom. I don’t know what it is but I’m subconciously convinced if I don’t get off the phone in 5 minutes quality is gonna ding me points and I’ll lose my Christmas bonus.

Was just curious on how the job changed you all. And happy holidays while I’m here!

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If you don’t have time, why did you took the call?