Dragon Lady

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I work for a company that leases out printers to customers. One particular customer has always had issues, so a while back we sent one of our main tech’s to have a look at the issue. He found that she was printing production work (booklets, posters etc…) on a small desk printer. We explained that to her, she was fine at the time – until a few of days ago. Everyone in our call center knows who she is, I got the luck of watching everything unfold as everyone else picked up her calls.

CC – Call center EU – End User

CC – “welcome to x company, you are speaking with …. how can we help?”

EU – “The colours are SHIT!!!”

exchage info to get to user account, and log the job through for a tech

Next day, she calls again asking where her tech is. We checked, tech tried calling her multiple times (and left voicemails) to set up a time, she never picked up. So we set up a time, and told her the tech would be attending shortly.

A little while later, she calls back asking where the tech is. We check again, tech waited outside the building, and was unable to find her – called her and left voicemails again. Advised her of that, she was annoyed as fuck “What kind of pot are you guys smoking”, then she checked her voicemails and had “oh” moment and cut the call.

At 4:30pm, end of my shift – she calls. And I have never had more fun in my work life – ever. She went on a massive swearing rampage, which included the line “You useless fuckers dont get paid enough for this, put me through to your manager”. Went batshit crazy at my manager, and at the end of the call our manager just dubbed her “Dragon Lady”.

Obviously tech’s cant keep going back to a customer who doesnt answer/cant be found, they have a tonne of other jobs to do. So we advised her that we’d get someone out first thing yesterday morning.

Tech attends yesterday, finds the issue isn’t that colours were printing incorrectly – its that her monitor wasnt calibrated properly, so everything she was making on her computer, was 100% going to look different when you printed it out.

Our Service Manager spoke to her and is in the process of organising a proper production printer. But, the rent she is paying on her current printer is wayyy too low to justify swapping one over.

Dragon Lady probably thought that she could get any cheap printer, and do anything with it, without realising its limits and the faults with her own equipment. She called us again yesterday to apologise, and admitted she was out of line.

10/10 way to end the year for us. Hope everyone enjoys their holidays!

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