The most grotesk family I ever had to talk with

I work as a level 1 tech support at a debt collecting company. We usually get calls from debt collectors all around the country with technical issues. I’ve got a call from a notoriously problematic collector right before we close. It was my first time with him. He said, he can’t reach the company’s uploading webpage and did not get any error messages. It was important for him because his manager is about to fire him if he don’t upload te neccessary files in 20 minutes. I asked him for his e-mail address to install the remote management tools when he said he does not have any. His son was around so he called him when his son SLAPPED his dad. I was shocked but I had to continue without the remote management.

Then he asked how will he recieve his new password. I informed him about he can’t get a new password today because all the higher level supports gone home. He started to yelling at me and told his life story in a nutshell and how am I a piece of shit because I refused to give him a new password. I simply didn’t have a permission to the server which runs the webpage so I focused on the other problem and explained that he have to call the HR and report the issues so he won’t get fired. He refused to do it because his boss would not simply fire him if he would report him but he would beat him (i bet beating up people is a rural tradition).

In this case I couldn’t help at the moment. When I said this he got furious. He yelled at me his password a few times and said here is his password now I can change. He couldn’t unerstand that I don’t have access to the server to set the change password screen manually. I said let’s start it again. I asked him to open the website. His response was: but how if I don’t have internet? I realized. He was asking me to change password because last time it solved his problem.

So I asked for check the connection between the router and the PC when he recognized that there is no cable. The dog took it. He yelled for his son to take an axe because he is going to kill the dog. His son tried to calm his dad but got punched a few times. Then this smart ass dad yelled at me because I was uncapable of fixing his problems and still asked for his password because in his opinion it can fix a broken cable. I told the only solution is to buy a new one which made him insane. He asked for me to buy him a patch cable and send it as a delivery. Since every collector’s own duty to ensure internet connection, he had to admit that the IT of the company is a piece of shit and he threatened me with the police. I wished him a good luck. The conversation was 25 minutes long so I bet he got fired.

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