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Annoying moron: am

I work for a certain roadside assistance company will just call it “double g”. I often get people wanting to call in to pay for the relatives memberships which isn’t a problem until I met this guy.

Me: thank you for calling double g this is Noodles_the_food. How can I help today?

Am: yeah I want to pay for my daughter’s membership.

Me: sure I’d be happy to help now may I I just have her membership number?

Am: Dont have it.

Me: no problem. can I just have her phone number to access the membership then?

Am: why do you need to call her? I pay for the membership!

Me: it’s just to find the membership.

Am: Here my number is 1234567890.

Me: thank you for that……( I pull up in membership with an obvious male name) what’s your daughter’s name?

Am: Its Rebecca.

Me: well sir unfortunately I’m not seeing a Rebecca under that phone number. Can we try Rebecca’s phone number?

Am: I am authorized to make payments on her membership so there’s no reason you should need to call her.

Me: (getting annoyed) sir I’m asking for Rebecca’s phone number because I need it to access the membership not to call her.

Am: well try searching by her name then.

Me: okay sure what’s her last name.

Am: moronsdaughter.

(Several Rebecca morons daughter’s come up.)

Me: okay looks like I’ve got quite a few Rebecca is coming up so can I have her address as well.

Am: Its imadumbass st.

Me: okay none of them seem to have that address with them.

Am: that’s my address in since I pay the membership my address should be on it.

Me: sir since this membership belongs to Rebecca it’s likely that she actually added her own information on it. It would be really helpful if you could give me her phone number.

Am: This is ridiculous! I bought and paid for this membership so there’s no reason you should have to speak with her! Get me to a supervisor!

Me:(exasperated) bear with me one moment sir……

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