They tapped my phone!

Backstory: So I used to work as a CSR for a utility company, this particular story happened when I was in training. Our first few months we had a mentor sit with us to assist and train us.

I will be (Me) The caller will be SG (sweet Grandma)

Call comes in during a power outage. I have a sweet old lady on the phone, wanting to report her outage. I gather her information and put the phone on mute letting SG know there will be some silence. I’m asking my mentor a question when all of a sudden SG just starts cursing up a storm, I’m not kidding she would have made any Sailor proud. I look at my mentor who has a WTH look in her face. I take the phone of mute…

Me: “I’m sorry ma’am come again?”

SG: “Oh sweetie, I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to the people who tapped my phone their listening in.”

It took everything in my power to make it to the end of the call without busting out laughing.

I mean here is this sweet old lady, probably someone’s Grandma cussing up a storm out of the blue. Not at me either but at the so called people listening in.

Needless to say after the call my mentor and I had a good laugh, and she admitted that was perhaps one of the strangest calls she had heard of.

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