Patience goes along way

I go to a university not too far from home but it’s relatively far to drive daily to. Usually in summer break I get a short-term gym membership in my home town. Then when I go back to school I use the gym there since it’s charged in my tuition.

I specifically told the gym I was there for a small period of time so they told me they would automatically cancel my membership, but to my surprise they still charged me. Here’s how the call went:

Gym Corporate: HELLO this is gym corporate how are you? how can I help you ??

Me: HI. I’m doing well, how about yourself? I was just calling bc my membership was renewed when it was supposed to be cancelled.

Gc: our apologies lenky0. I do see here someone made a note. We have already charged your account so the money will be returned to you in 5-10 business days.

Me: oh sure. That’s fine.

Gc: Is there any reason why you are leaving our gym? I do have to ask this question….

Me: (explains gym at school situation)

Gc: Well we do offer a membership where we freeze the account and re-open it when you please.

Me: that sounds really good! Thank you. But i don’t think I’m interested.

Gc: okay very well. Thanks for being patient and kind.

Me: Oh! Yes of course, why wouldn’t I be? You’ve helped me a ton:)

Gc: is that all you need from me today?

Me: yes!

Gc: just letting you know. I’ll give you 1 free month of gym membership.

Me: so i get my money back but can still go back this month?

Gc: for sure!! Thanks for calling ! Anymore questions?

Me: no, thank you. You’ve been very helpful 😀

Gc: take care lenky0!

I felt bad for this guy, people usually yell bc their membership was charged when it shouldn’t be. I was just calm and got something good out of it. :)))))

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