Why do people have such trouble giving their name?

I work for a telco and we get our fair share of interesting callers, but some people are just extra special. We need people to verify who they are when they phone in, to make sure we’re talking to the right person. My usual line for people (once I confirm their phone number or account number) is something like “and who am I speaking with today?” Pretty unambiguous question, right?

Some people decide to be difficult. I’ve had a lot of men (I notice it’s almost always men who do this) say something like “you’re speaking to the account holder.” Like… great, but I still need you to tell me your name. Yes, I have it on my screen in front of me, but you need to TELL ME WHO YOU ARE so I can make sure it matches.

I had another lady say “you’re speaking to the person who’s calling.” And then there was the most awkward one-second pause where she apparently realized what a stupid thing that was to say, and then said her name after that.

I also get a fair number of little old ladies who call in about the account that’s in their husband’s name, and when I ask who I’m speaking with, they give the husband’s name. Usually I will proceed to call them by that name until they correct me, at which point I make as nice of a smart-ass remark about asking who I was speaking with as possible.

And most of these people have called multiple times before! You idiots know how this works! Why are you giving me a hard time about this???

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