The time I was conferenced into a threeway and just listened.

I work as register software support for some major restaurant companies. Sometimes we have to get in contact with one of our customers credit card processors when the problem is out of our scope and is credit oriented. I got a call in from a restaurant owner who needed me to be there when he spoke to the processor representative. Normally we are not allowed to do conference calls but this was a special case because the customer was missing thousands of sales. I got the go ahead because this customer had been having issues for a few WEEKS, we determined this was not an issue on our end but their processor. I should also mention that I have literally ZERO REASON to be in on this conference call because I cannot give customer information over the phone to a third party, or talk on our customers behalf, but customer was adament we conference anyway. At this point the confence call began, I will be Me, customer is CX and credit card processor people will be PR.

Pr: thank you for calling (processor) this is (pr), how can I help you today?

Cx: hi pr I am currently having a problem with my credit sales, I am missing $(amount) of sales. I have (me) here with me to confirm this.

Me:*(literally the only time I speak in this conference call) * yes, we have spoke with CX and have determined that everything is fine on our end, whatever issue CX is having is a problem with pr.

Pr:okay, sure I’ll be happy to help with that, I notice here you have a few tickets open, I’m going to need to transfer this call to a supervisor due to its nature.

Cx: okay perfect. Thank you.

Pr: hi CX, so looking at your account, and it seems we had an outage when your money was transferred. We don’t have the money and we don’t know where it is.

Cx: Don’t you have a backup!

Pr: We do not. We don’t know where the money is.

Cx: (way calmer than I would ever be) How can we make sure this never happens again?

Pr: Honestly sir, you should just get another processing company if you don’t want this to happen again.

Cx: alright then, I will.

Me:holy shit


TL;DR: Customer got told by his credit processor to find another company.

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