We all know that some customers don’t understand a companies protocol.

I had a customer on the phone who had an issue with the times in his booking. A booking he made online. What means he filled in the pick up and drop off times himself. He wanted to change them. In my most friendly voice I apologized that our system filled in the wrong times, as a customer is never wrong, and I offered to resolve this issue.

When I asked him a few security questions it turned out this wasn’t his only issue. I explained that with the information that he provided he wasn’t able to use his booking because of an issue with the insurance and his country of residence. And offered to make a brand new booking.

This new booking turned out to be more expensive. At this point the customer asked me what would’ve happened if he wouldn’t have called us. I explained to the customer in that case we wouldn’t be aware of it. And he would’ve been able to use the booking.

Customer: forget that I’ve called then and keep my booking as it is Me: sir I’m afraid that isn’t possible. Customer: sure it is. Just don’t change the booking Me: I’m not allowed to do that sir. Customer: why are you creating issues that aren’t there? Me: it is an issue because the insurance can’t be paid out of your country of residence is incorrect. Customer: you just said if I would’ve called you wouldn’t have known this. What means in case I needed the insurance they would’ve paid out. Me: yes sir. But the company policy tells me that I have to make a note that you do not live in (country) what means you can not use this booking. Customer: there you go again. Creating issues that aren’t there. I never said I do not live in (other country) Me: sir, all our phone calls are recorded. Customer: well delete it. Me: I can not do that sir. Customer: yes you can. You don’t want to. Because you want to force customers to make new, more expensive bookings. This is how you earn your money. Me: I do not have excess to the system that records the phone calls sir. Customer: do you enjoy working in customer service? Me: yes sir. Customer: why? Me: because I like to help people. Customer: you are a liar. Me: excuse me, sir? Customer: you like to work in customer service so you can create issues that aren’t there. You enjoy your dominating position. You love to make people do what you say. Me: I’m sorry you feel that way sir. Customer: I do not feel this way. It’s a fact. All I wanted was to change the times in my booking. Your name isn’t XXXX your name should be ISSUE And hangs up the phone.

One of my colleagues had to listen to the phone call as the customer ended up with damage and he the insurance didn’t pay out because of the wrong country of residence. And she thought Issue would be a great nickname for me. So from that day on I’m known as Issue in the office.

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