When your customer is a conspiracy theorist

So I work for a home service company’s callcenter (ISP, TV, cellular, and land lines) and a few hours ago I received a call from a peculiar man that started the conversation by ranting about our tricks and nonsense it went something like this (PC for peculiar customers and M for me)

PC: I know you’re trying to save money but please stop disconnecting me from my internet on purpose

M: sir we dont do… (got cut off)

PC: YES YOU DO, you guys have too many customers so you’re trying to cut off corners.

M: sir as a company whose supposed to be profitable, having an unsatisfied customer means we could lose said customer and in no way do we want that to happen

PC: well apparently you do because disconnecting me every time saves you money since I don’t use my internet that much

M: anyhow you’re having disconnection let me take care of that.

I then proceeded to fix his problem while explaining him why it’s in our interests to have him enjoy our services. He then thanked me and that was it

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