Tale of the Sketchy Jacksonville Call Center

I was the top telecommunications acquisition agent aka shitty telemarketer in Jacksonville, the largest city in America by landmass. Daily I was told to fuck off by old rich white people. When I first started I learned that apparently it’s not easy to sell “energy efficient” windows and doors to random people 7 days a week in the morning. I gotta tell y’all the story of this sketchy call center foreal. The first thing I thought was weird is that the four bosses all had 150k dollar cars ordering around twelve phone salesmen in a hot room. When I saw the picture of Elon musk on his desk I knew I was in for something.

Kinda cringey but they made us watch Elon musk inspirational speeches and grant cardone every morning to get pumped up. They fuckin made us jog around the building to get our “blood moving” First few days I couldn’t sell shit. “Good morning this is AyAyron from the certified company” Yes yall that was the first line in the script. Many said certified what? Wtf is that? Immediately hung up. One lady said her husband went to Vietnam and he was gonna fuckin kill me. One guy that sounded like a rich Jewish lawyer from NYC said ” stop cawling me about these fuckin windows!” One time I said..”hello may I speak to mrs wong? Redneck sounding guy said “Do I sound like a misses Wong to you? Wong numba mothafucka!!

The last straw was when the old people started asking me why tf Walgreens was showing on their caller ID. All of us were like wtf because we started not being able to talk past ten seconds. We told our boss to take it off and that it was sketchy…they didn’t..surprisingly we made good money there. They much have been making a killing off of us. We set the appointments and we have our own salesman go to houses. It was fifteen an hour plus commission. Every sale we got two hundred bucks. Some days I got three sales. Basically we got screwed and there was a toxic environment.

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