Verifying a caller through a game of Taboo

A shortie this time:

I work with a team that has a lot of flexibility compared to other call centers but is terminally understaffed. This means that someone is assigned to call back customers who left voicemails because the queue was too long. It’s always sticky when it comes to verification, because this changes the dynamic from “you called us, so provide these details” to “we called you and want to know your SSN”. I had one recently where I opted to ask another account member’s name and DOB as part of the work around for asking for SSN, but this client wasn’t going for it.

$client: I’m not going to give you the whole name, but the initials are GL.

$me: *sees the person’s name is Gerri Lewis* I can’t tell you the name to confirm, but this person has a name that sounds very like a rock musician from the 50s.

$client: Huh? Oh! Yes, “Great Balls of Fire”!

$me: Yes!

$client: Okay, yes, I believe you’re with [my office] now. Gerri Lewis, DOB 01/23/45.

It was just funny because I got the info I needed and there was no durm und strang from the client about some stranger calling to demand an SSN out of the blue.

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