Graceland part 2

Hey all! I posted the story about Wonder Wank a while back, and had another call from the Guesthouse at Graceland I thought y’all would enjoy

So this woman calls in, who we will call Oblivious Fuck (OF). She has lots of questions, which is cool. What’s not cool is how she cuts me off every time I try to answer her questions.

OF: what’s the difference between the TCB Suite and the King suite?

Me: well the TCB Suite is 530 square feet, while the King suite is-

OF: yeah cool. Do you guys have a pool?

Me: we don’t but-

And this my children, is where she gets her name. Pay close attention

OF: do you guys have a restaurant?

Me: well there are actually three, we have the coffee shop, EPs bar and grill-

OF: do y’all have a bar?

Me: as I just said, we have EPs bar and grill that you-

OF: I heard that bitch. I asked if y’all have a bar.

Me:……. does the bar… and grill… have a bar…?

OF: yeah dumbass that’s what I asked

Y’all I’m shook. I just said yes we do, and she hung up.

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