The system is broken…for me!

Not a customer complaint, but more of a funny:

So our clock in/out system is broken. When you clock in, it stays locked in the “Clock In” option, but will give you the pop up prompt to clock out. If you refresh, it will then show the “Clock Out” option, but give you the pop up prompt to clock in. You have to refresh the page after you clock in/out so the opposite option to appear. I’m honestly too lazy to click refresh, so I deal with it until I’m done for the day. It tripped me out the first time and I was like “I DIDN’T CLOCK IN?!” I have low-key been enjoying watching my co-workers freak out just as bad as I did, until they figure it out. One by one, we have been doing this for about three weeks. It’s hilarious when the college kids forget and freak out going “But I clocked in!”

I did let the bosses know when this first started. It’s a system glitch. But it hasn’t affected anyone’s hours.

TODAY, one of the bosses just noticed. I’m clocking out for a lunch, and he sees it say “Clock in.” This conversation took place:

Him: Oh, you just got back from lunch? How was it?

Me: Actually, I’m just going on lunch.

Him: But you’re clocking in. Did you come in late?

Me: No, I’m clocking out.

Him: * *confused expression* * But it says you’re clocking in….

Me: * *Expression just as confused with a near instant light bulb moment * * Oh! * *Clicks “Clock in” option* * No. I’m clocking out. * *Clicks “Clock Out” pop up* *

Him: * *Confused as hell* * WHAT THE FUCK?! WHY DID IT DO THAT?!

Me: System glitch. It’s been doing this for about 3 weeks? I sent an e-mail.

Him: Really?! Huh. Are you sure you sent an e-mail?

Me: * *locates e-mail* * Yeah on (date) at (Time). Yeah, you’re CC’d.

Him: Shoot. Okay. I’ll check my inbox. Thanks.

Co-workers started laughing when he left our office.

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