Question for you guys that work from home.

If not against subreddit rules, what company do you work for and how’d you start?

I’m currently working on site, but my company has a work@home option but only if you live 50 miles from a location. Now, I’ve requested this as a reasonable accomodation per the ADA, but not only I I keep getting thrown from doctor to doctor (“No, this one fills it out. No, I don’t know why you were told that, it should be this one..etc etc) I feel like HR isn’t going to be too accommodating even when I get the paperwork in.

I’m a gamer, so I have dual monitors and a PC that is meets all required specs. I would love to be a chat agent, but I know that’s not likely.

Where do I even start looking? I get a scammy vibe from a lot of the companies when I search for jobs @ home.

Also, I’m a licensed property and casualty insurance agent in 43 states if that helps.

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