She’s not lying, guys

I took a call today from a woman who was definitely not lying. She was calling from a hotel because she wanted to charge a guest a no-show fee, and we weren’t letting her. They sent her to me because she was getting irate, lucky me.

Honest Lady: They’re saying it was cancelled, but it wasn’t! No one called me to cancel anything.

Me: Okay, it looks like this was booked online at 13:09 and cancelled at 13:16. We didn’t even call, it was cancelled within minutes.

HL: No, you called, because I have YOUR confirmation number. I wouldn’t have that if you hadn’t called me!

To clarify, the hotel has their own confirmation number, and we have another one that is only used in our (3rd Party) system. The fact she had it was strange, someone from my company definitely gave it to her but this reservation was for nearly 3 weeks ago. At any point she could have called to get it, we don’t keep the numbers secret and give them out as necessary to hotels. She could also be right and we called to confirm, and gave it to her if she asked. I have no way to verify this – we didn’t record it.

At first, I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. She was adamant, so I dig deeper.

Me: Do you remember who called you?

HL: Yes! I wrote it down! It was Amy.

Me: Amy? Are you sure? I have a log of changes made to this booking, and that’s not the name of who was handling this.

The name on the booking was Bryan. Not really, but you get it, a male name, doesn’t sound a thing like Amy. I’m not going to give her this name, I want to hear her verify it.

HL: I’m pretty sure, I wrote down but I could have misheard her.

Me: Alright. That’s not the name here, and the notes say we did not confirm the booking.

HL: What are you saying?? I’m just trying to do what’s right here, I wouldn’t make this up! Who does it say they spoke to??

Me: It says they spoke to no one and did not call.

HL: How do I have your confirmation number then??

Me: Unfortunately, since this was some time ago and the call was not recorded, I can’t verify when or how you came across this number.

HL: AMY GAVE IT TO ME! She called at 13:38 and confirmed, then gave me this number! That’s the truth!

Me: Amy did not touch this reservation. If she had, I would have record of it. We stopped doing anything to it at 13:16.

HL: I’m talking about military time.

Me: … So am I. I said 13:16.

HL: I heard what you said! You don’t need to raise your voice at me! I’m the one who should be yelling after you accuse me of being dishonest!

Me: I have not raised my voice or accused you of anything. I am simply stating what my computer system is telling me.

HL: So send me your confirmation letter and your cancellation letter that show these times you’re giving me!

Me: I don’t have a letter. My system contains sensitive information, I can’t show this to you but there may be a way for your brand’s help line to show you where you can see when it was booked and cancelled on your end.

HL: I sent you my confirmation letter, why can’t I get one from you?

Me: I did see that, and I understand that it was booked, but we cancelled it minutes later. That room was free to resell for the rest of the evening, you did not have to hold it-

I literally stopped mid-sentence when I pulled up her confirmation letter she sent, it was just such an “ARE YOU SERIOUS??” moment.

Me: Amy Smith ? You spoke to Amy Smith?

HL: Yes! See! You know that name!

Of course I do, there’s only one Amy Smith in the entire building, and she sits five feet from me. Amy is in my department, this broad literally wrote “ACCOUNTS PAYABLE – AMY SMITH” across the top of it.

Me: … Amy does not book reservations, ever. She also doesn’t work on weekends, she could not possibly have called you on the Saturday this was booked. This was cancelled at 13:16 in compliance with the cancellation policy your property and our company have both agreed to. You will not be paid a no-show fee.


Gladly sent her over to my boss, who I had been chatting online with the entire call about the situation.

TL;DR: She lied.

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