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Story from the customer side. Let me know if this belongs better in another sub. FTP, mobile, etc.

Background: I worked a few years in IT and like most people in the industry, we know our basics with respect to computers, tech and their respective terminology. Also, Mbps is megabits per second, 8 bits = 1 byte. This is relevant later.

So, about 4 months ago, I was setting up our new internet/cable service for apartment with america’s most hated ISP (evil ISP). Tried doing it online and kept getting an error, so forced to call. I’m definitely a misanthrope. Exchange is from memory, paraphrased, gist is the same.

Cast: $Me = yours truly, $CR = customer rep for evil ISP, $SV = CR’s supervisor.

Calls up ISP, goes thru standard automated prompts for new service, etc etc

$CR: Hi, this is **** , –standard greetings

$Me: I was hoping to set up new service with evil ISP

$CR: Great. What are your needs? How many people will be using internet and how many devices do you have in the house.

$Me: Nothing crazy. Couple phones and a TV. I was on your website and saw the 100 megabits plan + basic TV (cheap) for $XX. I would like that plan.

$CR: I see. Well, we have a bundle for $XXXX that includes higher tier TV, phone and faster internet.

$Me: I don’t need phone and we don’t watch TV all that much. The cheap plan is enough for us.

$CR: Gotcha. We have xyz plans available –goes on long spiel about their current offerings with services that I don’t need nor want, including phone and surveillance packages

$Me: Sir, I just want the cheap plan.

$CR: I understand, but that may not be enough. You use Netflix, right? Lots of internet usage? You should get the zyx plan with faster internet. –keeps trying to upsell

$Me: No thanks. Cheap plan is fine

Rinse and repeat a few more times as I get more annoyed with the upselling

$Me: Dude! I just want cheap plan.

$CR: Ok ok… sounding defeated So, you want the 100 megabytes per second internet plan with limited basic TV for $XX per month

cue massive eye twitch

$Me: You mean 100 megabits (Mb) right?

$CR: Yea, 100 megabytes (MB). That’s what I said.

$Me: No, no. Megabytes (MB) and megabits (Mb) are not the same thing.

$CR: It’s the same.

$Me: Not at all. There are 8 bits to a byte. One is faster.

$CR: Same thing sir. You say poh-tay-toe, I say poh-tah-toe.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Most likely overreacted. Bit vs byte is a pet peeve, but his attitude made me want to punch him over the phone

$Me: I would like to speak with your supervisor. –in my most angrily polite voice possible

$CR: May I ask why?

$Me: Because you’re unable to comprehend what I’m saying and why you’re wrong.

$CR: Ok…. Please hold. –One eternity later… but really like 3 minutes

$SV: Hi, this is ####, I am **** ‘s supervisor. I have spoken with **** . May I hear what the problem is?

$Me: Yes, I called in to start a new service with evil ISP and wanted the cheap plan, which is 100 Mbps. **** here said it was 100 MB and offered it to me as such. As you know, a MB is 8 bits. If he is really offering 100 MBps at $XX, I’ll take it in a heartbeat. Who wouldn’t?! And then when I don’t get my 800 Mbps speed, I’ll call back and complain. You understand the issue, yes?

$SV: Yes, yes, I totally understand you. I wouldn’t want someone to sell me one thing and get something less. Nobody likes that.

$Me: Exactly. When I corrected him, he said they were the same thing, like how some people call it poh-tay-toe and others poh-tah-toe.

$SV: That is absolutely wrong. I know that they’re very different things. goes on and repeats/explains the difference between bit and byte

$Me: Exactly. Your agent should know the difference between the two, especially since you guys work for a tech company.

$SV: You are correct sir. I’m so sorry about all this. I’ll make sure he knows the difference in the future.

little bit more chatter, $SV is super friendly and tries to build rapport

$Me: Ok, so, can I, you know, get this on the road. I still want the cheap plan for $XX.

$SV: Ah, yes. I actually have **** here on the other line. –probably why he was reiterating the difference between poh-tay-toe and poh-tah-toe earlier– Let me have him get your info and set you up.

$Me: No. I really don’t want to deal with him anymore. Please transfer me to another agent.

$SV: I see. Let me handle this for you then. Sir, may I have your information to start the process.

Gives necessary info, sells soul to the devil so I can continue accessing reddit. SV waives activation fee for the troubles.

Happy. Haz internet, no longer flipping tables

TLDR: Tries to start new internet service with evil ISP. Tech company customer rep compares megabits and megabytes to potatoes. I flip imaginary table. Has his supervisor do his job instead.

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