I work for a call center for a healthcare co.

Just had a call where a person was making an appt for their child, a grandparent was bringing the child in, we require a note to be written with specific info on it so it can be scanned into the system and they can bring the child any time.

Of the specific info none of it includes a signature from a parent.

The person yells at me that they have to work and cant write the note and cant fax it in.

Im hitting myself over and over saying “i just has to be a handwritten note saying xyz” They say “how am I supposed to do that sir???”

I offer other options like fax etc, they decline and say “again how Am i supposed to do that?”

Inside im screaming “just tell gramma to write the note you fucking retarded asshat” but out loud I say”this is the information I can say, a written note needs to be entered with xyz”

They get mad and hang up on me.

Its not my fault you arent smart enough to figure this out get off my line!

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