“I’m gonna kill this s.o.b.”

Worked for a well known Pharmacy Benefit manager/insurance company and this was a doozy! I’ll be Me and the caller will be CL for Crazy Lady.

Me: Hello this is Iconoficons how may I help you?

CL: I need to check the status of my daughters prescription.

Me: happy to do that for you could you verify her name, dob and zip?

CL: Yeah it’s xxxxxxx

Me: thank you, could you verify the name and strength of the med?

CL: I have no idea how am I supposed to know that?

internal screaming, the kid is 18 if she can’t verify I can’t help her

Me: is she nearby perhaps so I can verify that it’s okay to speak with you?

CL: Listen, I’m her mother she came out of my vagina just fucking tell me!

i can clearly see its birth control and that the medication is en route but I still can’t say anything until she confirms

Me: could you please not talk like that ma’am I’m just trying to help.

CL: No you’re not you won’t fucking tell me what’s going on with my daughters med!

Me: ma’am you haven’t even been able to confirm the name of it yet, without it I can’t help you without breaking federal hipaa laws.

CL: if she gets pregnant it’s your fault!

oh look, she knows it’s birth control

Me: could you maybe text her and ask her for the Rx number?

her to someone in the background CL: I’m gonna kill this son of a bitch if he doesn’t tell me.

Me: did you just threaten to kill a healthcare worker on a recorded line?

CL: you weren’t supposed to hear that!

Me: I’ll be escalating this call to the pharmacist in staff so they can cL text your local authorities

CL: I didn’t mean it!

Me: you still said it ma’am, have a great day.


My head pharmacist and her local authorities were still contacted as is the policy when someone makes any kind of these over the phone where I worked. She got put on the no contact list. She deserved worse imo.

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