Promotions kinda suck a little….

I have been working in a contact center for over 5 years now. I have busted my hump, and I truly do love the work I do and I’m passionate about the brand I represent. I recently decided that all of my behind the scenes level 3 type support could lend itself well to becoming a supervisor. So I successfully got the job, and this week was my first week.

Contrary to the title, I’m really excited and I’ve been enjoying it. In five years, I’ve developed good relationships with a lot of the team. It helped that I was a leader but not their direct supervisor. I was hopeful that I could keep up that momentum as someone who is well liked and trusted.

I have one associate that I suspected might be disinterested in his work. I had always found him to be affable and kind; a friendly acquaintance. Let’s call him Jacques. Jacques has had a really rough year, a death in the family, other personal issues etc. I learned that leadership had elected to be lenient with him, to the tune of 150+ attendance and adherence variances, repeated offenses of insubordination, and missing quality check ins – probably the right decision given the circumstances. However, I was told in my first 1:1 that he has to go. I’m already dreading this so much, but there is a process and I won’t do the actual firing – that’s HR. However, I know that he will think no matter what that it is my doing because I just started and the timing seems to indicate it being my decision.

Yesterday, we had an easy shift with light work. I had gotten in early, and so had assigned out the incoming emails to their respective cases. I asked Jacques to clear the inbox (my editing permissions were not yet completed by IT) around 11:00 am. At around 2, I was helping with a task that had me close to Jacques desk. And that’s when I saw what he had on. Our dress code is lenient – we aren’t all business professional all the time, and it’s a holiday weekend. So no big deal that he was wearing comfy clothes, including a black t-shirt. Except that shirt said “Supreme Fuck You” on it. Another supervisor on duty also saw it, so while I might’ve been inclined to just let it go and not pile on, I was forced to report it or he would have. Oh and by the time Jacques was sent home for his attire, the emails were still not cleared.

I feel bad for Jacques, he’s a really nice guy. He’s also a very talented artist and his heart isn’t in the call center world. I guess I just needed to vent it out somewhere.

Tl;dr: I’m new to the supervising game, and one of my associates wore a “Supreme fuck you” shirt to work yesterday. He’s already in a pretty bad position with the company, but damn!

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