Mobile phone customer gets greedy

I was working as a floor walker for a UK mobile provider.

John the customer was constantly calling about an over charge on their account. We had explained it was actually covered by a credit on their account but they were convinced they were due more. Nothing could convince him we weren’t out to rob him.

John always asked to be escalated to a superior, no matter how many times we told him it wouldn’t help. He was rude every time and belittled agents on the phone. Well one day John got his wish…

John called up in a bigger rage than usual. He’d finally been passed to our advocacy who took the time to write him a letter and leave a copy of it in the notes. Here’s the gist of it…

John was due a credit of X amount. Over the past 6 months of calling he had received numerous small credits from agents for this issue, on top of the original correct credit amount. Advocacy worked out the difference and decided that John had received £300 too much.

To correct this they applied a charge to the account and left a note that he was not to be referred back to advocacy. No further credits allowed.

I felt bad for the guy but I guess if he had listened to anyone he spoke to he’d have been a lot better off.

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