No, we did not send you a $10,000 gift card

On mobile… long,, TLDR at bottom

I was reminded of this story and it makes me laugh every time I think about it.

10 years ago I worked for a large banking call center that answered calls for customers all over the country as we were in almost every state.

Dumbfounded customer = DC Me = Me

(Answer the phone with greeting and DC passes all required security questions, I see in the notes security has contacted him several times and all transactions were valid)

Me – thank you for answering those security questions how can I help you today?

DC – You guys sent me a bill, I don’t owe any of this

Me – oh, I’m sorry Mr. DC if your card was compromised I can get that shut down, help you report which transactions are fraudulent and get you a new card.

DC – You better this is ridiculous

Me – Ok, your card is shut down, let’s go through the transitions

(They were all big ticket items, $2k to Best Buy, $3K to a Pool/Spa place, $500 to grocery store, etc and they were done with it 5-6 days of the card opening)

DC – All of those are mine.

Me – I’m sorry, Mr. DC I’m confused and I want to help you, you stated the bill was not yours but you just stated you did all of these transactions how can I help you today?

DC – I won the $10,000 gift card you shouldn’t be sending me a bill for it!

Me – Mr. DC this is not a gift card, this is a credit card that you applied for at our xxxx branch on xx/xx/xxxx date and were approved for $10,000.

DC – No, this is a gift card.

Me – I do show that branch was doing a promotional drawing for ten $1,000 gift cards totaling $10,000 if you opened a checking, savings or credit card account but that is still going on and the winners have not been selected yet.

DC – (lots of cussing and imaginative use of the English languages that I don’t remember, it went on for several minutes) What am I supposed to do? I can’t afford this bill?

Me – Mr. DC I apologize for any confusion, I show your minimum is due by xx date, while I wouldn’t normally recommend this but this, this isn’t a normal situation are any of the items you purchased able to be returned?

DC – (more cussing stating he shouldn’t have to return anything or pay anything as we should have made it clear this wasn’t a gift card)

Me – Mr. DC by any chance do you have the physical card near by?


Me – Does it say Credit Card or Gift Card in the top right?

DC – (Slams the phone with such force that only a good plug in the wall phone could do that I think it shattered)

TLDR – Guy gets credit card for $10k mistakes it for gift card gets upset when he finds out he has to pay it back.

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