Liar Liar

I used to take calls for the credit card department of an American bank.

Me: Yours truly

C: Customer

After the standard greeting and asking the customer for his name.

Me: How may I help you today Mr Customer?

C: I want you to explain me why my card got declined?

I asked for all the info I needed and located his account.

Me: Apparently Mr Customer, the card was declined because you have already reached your credit limit.

C: That’s impossible, there is a $500,000 limit on that account! There is no way I spent half a million”

I did’t work with accounts bigger than $20K, so I knew that was impossible. I checked his credit limit, it was less than $1K. I dont’ remember how much exactly somewhere around $800-$900.

Me: Oh I understand sir. Let me double check that for you. Just to confirm, we are talking about the credit card number ending in XXXX?

C: Yes, that one.

Me: Sir, I think there is a misunderstanding here, the credit limit on the credit card is…

C: No, don’t say it.

Me: Oh ok?

C: Just tell me what do I need to do to have the credit card available again?

Me: Well sir, you will need to submit a payment. After the payment post you will have available that amount in credit…

C: If I had that money in cash or debit why would I need this credit card available? Why do you think I even tried to use this credit card? Why not just paid in cash or debit if I had any?

Yet he was trying to convince me he had half a mil available in credit.

Me: Well sir, I’m unaware what transaction you are trying to make, there are transactions that can only be made with a credit card.

C: I’m trying to enter a Casino in Las Vegas right now, I have a hot woman in my arm and you are embarrasing me. Give me options.

I don’t recall his exact words but there were something along those lines, they sounded fake and cringy thought. I know nothing about Las Vegas or Casinos, but it still sounded fake to me.

Me: The only option I can give you right now is to submit a payment.

C: Look it’s 6pm here, there is no *Bank’s name* branch open right now.

We have a clock on screen with USA time zones. That’s important because we need to keep that in mind when giving suggestions to customers. It was 4pm Pacific time, that guy was not in Las Vegas.

Me: We’ll sir, *Bank’s name* offer plenty of paying options. You can submit a payment in our website, our mobile app, our automated voice system, if you want I can guide you..

*Call disconnected*

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