A mum finding out her son’s internet habits.

I worked for one of the larger mobile phone networks in the UK for a few months last year before moving onto a different type of call center.

I took a call one day from a Mother who was very angry about her bill. At this point I handled complex accounts, things like family accounts which had several different phones and bills under the one account.

Anyway I said to this lady that I would go through her bill with her and work out where the extra cost has come from. As I’m reading down the list of numbers I notice that one of the family’s several devices has had more charges on it for the past few months than it had been before. So obviously I delve into this account. I start reading through the list and I notice a subscriptipn charge from what was clearly a XXX site.

I informed the women that I had found a charge on the account under that specific number and she says well that’s my son’s number. For whatever reason we at the call center were not allowed to read out the name of the specific website which had charged their bill but I was able to send her through a more complete version of her bill which would show all activity on the account. She agreed to this and I emailed her the copy of the bill.

As I was winding down the call the ladies son actually came in the house, the last thing I heard before the phone went dead was “What are these charges you’re getting on out account”.

As soon as the phone went down I muted my headset and died of laughter at the chain of events that were about to happen to that poor guy.

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