We’ll all be speaking Arabic

I worked for a phone and internet service provider. At the time of this call I worked in the hosting department. I use (apparently) a “masculinized” feminine name. Think using “Nick” for “Nicole” or “Teddy” for “Theodora.”

Me: Thanks for calling Company, this is Nick (it’s not but you get it), how can I help?

Male customer: Is that short for Nicole?

Me: Yes it is.

MC: Well Nicole I won’t be calling you that because I don’t use masculinized versions of feminine names.

Me: Um ok…

MC: Yes feminists are ruining this country and if it continues we’ll all be speaking Arabic in the next 5 years.

Me: Ummmm….

I was so flustered I just went on with the call and finished it. In retrospect I wish I would’ve told him he could call me by the name I gave or he could call back in and get a different agent.

So yeah, apologies for ruining the country with my name y’all. Also, this was over 5 years ago.

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