I’m a proud dot

Today’s contestant for the dumbest thing I’ve ever fucking heard called to complain that his business wasn’t displayed on our map in the way that he wanted.

Blue Dot: So when I search for my hotel on your map, I see the blue dot, but the hotel has a blue dot and their name next to it. That’s not right, is my hotel not good enough to have the name on the map?? I’m a proud blue dot and I won’t tolerate this!

Coworker: Let me look into that for you, just a moment.

Coworker is new, and not sure what this guy is talking about, so he IMs me asking me about the blue dots. I’m not quite sure what he means at first either, because we have 2 websites and an app that have maps, and they display differently on each. I am not completely familiar with any of them because I work with the hotels, not the guests, so I rarely even look at it. I check the app, no dots.

Me: (via IM) Ask him where he’s looking this up.

Coworker: He said the website.

Me: Which one?

He links it to me and I search for the zip code, and find the dots. It’s literally just google maps with our own dots over it pinpointing where the hotels are. Sure enough, I see where one hotel has a name next to it and the other does not. I facepalm and screenshot it to my coworker. The name next to the hotel was in red, next to a red dot that was underneath our blue one, meaning it was text coming from google maps, not us.

CW: Ok, sir, we’ve found the issue. Basically the map we’re using comes from google, and we put our own blue dot over this map that shows our guests the hotels we affiliate with in a certain area. The name next to the other hotel was already on this map before we did anything to it, meaning we didn’t put it there, google did.

BD: But that’s not fair! Our hotel is an excellent one and I don’t see why they can have their name on there and we can’t!

CW: I never said you weren’t a good property, we never promote one hotel over the other. I’m just saying this is something we had no control over, we use an existing map and put our own information on it. You need to contact google about this and see if they can list you on their map as well.

BD: I found it on YOUR website, it’s got nothing to do with google!

CW: Don’t you see how the words are red and the like balloon next to it is red, and then on top of them there’s a blue dot? We didn’t do anything in red.

BD: So… I have to call google?

CW: I’m sure there’s a way to do it online as well.

BD: Oh… disconnects

TL;dr: Guy whines about how the hotel down the street has their name on the map on our website and his doesn’t. HE’S A PROUD GODDAMN DOT ON THE MAP and demands fair treatment. We used an existing google map and slapped some blue dots over it.

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