Angry cheese taco wishes cancer amongst my family.

I work for a department for a specific med insurance company for Prior Authorization. I am me. Caller is cheesy taco.

Cheesy taco: I tried to pick up my (yeast infection medication), and the pharmacists said my insurance can’t cover it—why??

Me: I’m sorry, mam. But from what I’m seeing here, our formulary has changed. If you have the doctors information I can fax over what they need to fill out, and it should be covered. (:

Cheesy taco: Why did the formulary change!? I STILL HAVE THE SAME YEAST INFECTION I HAD BEFORE >:U

Me: I’m sorry about that, Mrs. Cheesy taco. But formularies do change sometimes. But as soon as a Prior Authorization is submitted you will be taken care of.

Cheesy taco: I hope you or your family members get cancer, and you have just as much trouble getting the medication!!!! I hate your company!! Blah blah blah blah blah. I hope this is recorded!!

Me: This is recorded, mam. I’m personally not stopping your medication from being covered, but I’m explaining to you what needs to be done for it to be covered.

Cheesy taco: well you should quit that job, and say this is unfair to Americans blah blah blah blah blah.

And that convo ended with her hanging up because I turned into monotone robot. I know people will say anything to get under your skin, but this did because my mother does have cancer. Just had a double mastectomy, and is doing radiation.

I hope the cheese on your taco never goes away, irate caller.

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