My worst call today..

So at my call center I am a ‘supervisor’ which basically means I can stay patient for longer and put up with more shit, so I get a lot of upset/confused callers being escalated from regular advisors.

Today was an interesting one, and to be honest I have been getting fed up with this job, so I am annoyed easily.

Anyway, I got a call from a regular advisor –

A – blah blah blah – I need you to take this call. I have been working with her for over an hour.

M – okay sure, what exactly is the problem?

A – I really don’t know honestly. I can’t figure out what’s going on

M – okay… cool

So I already am thinking this call is going to suck.

M – blah blah blah let’s fix your issue

C – okay so I was told yesterday I need to wait 24 hours…

M – okay! 24 hours for what exactly?

C – I’m not sure. I was just told I need to wait 24 hours.

After about 20 minutes I finally figured out the customer was trying to change the password to her account.

M – okay! So it looks like you should have gotten an email to reset your password and access your account.

C – I don’t have any email.

From looking at this woman’s account, she has about 20 verified email addresses that all vary by 1 digit or letter. So it takes about 10 more minutes for her to understand what an email even is.

We then go to try and access her email account or any web page, none of which will load.

M – Based on the error messages,it seems like you don’t have a great internet connection. Here are some options we can try …………..

C – that doesn’t make sense. Everyone shares the internet so why would their internet be better than mine?!?!!

M – Well, people pay different prices for internet, which basically makes some people’s internet faster or –

C – that doesn’t make sense because I have the same internet as everyone around here and there is no reason for JRKDJNHBHVFYF IHBUO!!!!!!!!!!

M – I understand, but I do think a stronger internet connection will allow you to load the webpage so you can login to your account

C – “jumbled yelling”

M – I apologize and I want to help you with this, but our next step is to try another internet connection. If you can connect to a friend or family members internet, I can call you back to try again.

C – call me back when you have a solution hangs up

Does anyone else get calls like this? I am so thankful for the mute button.

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