Entitled people exit stage left

So I work at a call centre that deals with people who have damaged, malfunctioning, lost or stolen phones. The job title is device protection and it works like insurance and there is a lot of legal policies involved.

A bit of background to make my story clear. Under our terms and conditions we have a strict coverage policy that makes you have to keep the SIM card in the phone in order for it to have coverage. Before February this year our clients were with a different company with completely different policies and they sent a notice to the customer to let them know they were switching companies.

Yesterday I was having an ok day and then I got this entitled A type. The exact dialogue is a lot of repetition that’s easier to summarize so I will be doing most of the dialogue.

I answered the phone with the standard greeting and opened up the account to verify identity then I ask him what I can help him with.

EC: he proceeded to tell me how he had his device being in use on wifi and how they had an investigation open to look into it and how the previous company allowed him to use his device on wifi and how he wasn’t told about the switch in companies and that using his device on wifi is his personal choice and that he shouldn’t be forced to have a SIM card in the phone if he doesn’t want to and he has another phone that he uses for work.

Me: I’m sorry to hear that sir, let me look into that for you. I look at the notes on his account and opened up the relevant pages and then I see that the customer has a really damaged phone and his service request (insurance claim) had been denied and the corporate care member assigned to the case had denied the review and the listed reason being that since it’s our coverage policy we can’t make an exception. And I know all too well that if it is not active in the carriers system then there is no way we can honour the claim they are making so I say to the customer I’m sorry it looks like they denied your request because of our coverage policy

EC: starts getting upset and repeating himself about how it’s his choice and he was never told about this and how he will blow this up in the media if he doesn’t get his way.

Me: I understand sir, unfortunately that’s our policy. Let me talk to my help desk to see what they have to say about this, if there is anything at all we can do.

EC: says more on the subject but he lets me put him on hold and I call the supervisor

When I connected with the other agent they of course reconfirmed what I told my customer and so I went back to position it to the customer and then he also started threatening to take it to court. Needless to say he asked for a supervisor. I did my best to explain policy and he didn’t care about that he just wanted to use his phone on wifi and it’s like he thought that our rules shouldn’t apply to him. I transferred his call back to the help desk and that was it for me.

Why is it our fault he was never told we switched companies. We or they sent him a message to say something about it. Due diligence is not enough for him I think he wanted someone to hold his hand and explain to him that they changed companies and the new terms and conditions 😑 not the worst call but one of the few entitled ones that I’ve had and that was one of 2 yesterday.

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