Best location for a propane tank

Unfortunately, I did not have the pleasure of taking this call. Simply stumbled across the log notes and thought this was the best thing ever. If the title didnt give it away, I am in a call center for a propane company.

Customer called in a few weeks back, wanting to schedule a propane delivery. No problem, let her know she is on route for next Tuesday.

Tuesday comes, driver goes out and informs customer that he cannot make a delivery for her. Customer has a 1000 gal tank… located under her house. Customer argues with driver until he leaves.

Customer then proceeds to call the local office. She wants to know what the issue is, why wont the driver deliver. Old company she was with had no problems so why did we? Customer service actually had to explain to this woman that we cannot make a delivery until this tank is dug up and moved to a more suitable location as having a propane tank under your house is hugely unsafe. Customer logic was that her house is on stilts, and the tank is buried. If anything were to happen, she would be perfectly safe.

Log notes go back and forth another day, until customer finally allows us to come dig up and relocate her tank in order to provide deliveries in the future.

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