Call Center – Appointment Setter – I work better when I drink

Disclaimer: This is about to be an incredibly alcholic-esque post and I don’t endorse my behaviors… I just find it hilarious/ironic.

So, long and short, I work at a call center. We set sales appointments. The usual “so and so needs to come and take a look to get you a price for xxx” type of gig.

I’m the best at where I work. Not to brag, but honestly they post the numbers everywhere (like all of these “gold-star for everything” jobs do) and I’m on top of every list every single month.

The sad part? I work best when I’m drinking. I work from home part-time. So the days that I’m in the office, my performance struggles. I’m extra stressed, bored out of my mind, and can’t have the patience for 90% of the people I talk to. When I’m at home (though I’m trying to stop) I tend to drink. Like, 2-4 shots of vodka/rum/etc.

What happens? Dude, I’m lit. I can talk to these people so relaxed, so calm. Always a pleasant experience for them and myself. The numbers reflect that also. I set appointments with people that I know I would have just butted heads/let go on another day.

I guess that’s not shocking, considering the usual affect of alcohol on human interaction/socialization. Just as a note I’m not a normally socially anxious/challenged person. Pretty naturally charismatic. Which is kind of a must-have to excel at this kind of work.

Just thought I’d share, see if anyone else has some similar (terrible) tales of breaking to rules to great benefit.

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