‘Do you have bananas?’

I just posted one of my more intimidating stories from my time in a call center for Major Hotel Chain, and while I have a lot, I feel like I just need to post another one because of bonkers it was. It didn’t happen to be my call, but a coworkers call in which everyone in the nearby vicinity was engrossed in. C = co worker, G = Guest and RG = Reception guy

It’s a quiet enough day, usually meaning there’s a couple minutes break in between calls. Thing are routine and co workers are just chatting. When C gets The Call

C – Thank you for calling Major Hotel Chain’s Luxury Hotel, this is C speaking, how may I assist today?

G – Yeah hi, I’m just wondering if you have bananas?

C – Excuse me? Bananas?

G – Yeah bananas! I’m coming to stay at your hotel but I was wondering if you had bananas.

C – It would probably be a breakfast item but I’m not in the restaurant, is there any reason you need bananas and I’ll check with my co worker?

G – Im bringing my friend Pat and Pat loves bananas! I just wanted to make sure there would be bananas for him.

C – Okay sir, one moment please I’ll put you on hold and ask my colleague.

Coworker puts the guy on hold. Being in a call center, this hotel happened to be in different country altogether, so we have to ask our supervisors to connect us. Our supervisor’s usually ask why and sometimes they just connect immediately. Supervisor asks why C explains.

C – Hi I’m calling from reservations in City, and I have a guest on the line who wants to know if you have…bananas?

RG – Bananas? Why?

C – The guest said he was bringing a friend who really likes bananas, and just wanted to know if you had any.

RG – At reception or at breakfast? Is it okay if I put you on hold and can you ask the guest why specifically bananas?

Coworker goes back to G

C – Thank you for holding sir, is there any specific reason why Pat needs bananas specifically?

G – Yeah he’s an igauna!

Coworker was stunned and in the aftermath put him back on hold and went back to RG. RG’s laughter was so loud people from a couple of meters away could hear his manic laughter because I don’t think anyone has ever heard a request so ridiculous! RG informed C they don’t allow pets and C went back to G and he took jovially and said Pat will need to stay at home so and hung up.

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