“My customers were appalled when they received their order.”

Ok this just happened to me today, it was quite possibly the funniest call I’ve ever had. Background: I work for a promotional advertising printing company. We are currently in our busy season for calendar orders (surprise surprise). We deal with Distributors who have customers of their own that they (in a way) outsource their work to us in certain situations. Here’s how this call went:

M – Me D-Distributor

M-Standard Greeting

D – “Yes I’m calling about order 12345, my customers received the wrong calendars…”

M – “I’m so sorry to hear, we can definitely re-run your order and I can offer you a discount off the order for the inconvenience,… Now, tell me what you ordered and what you received”

D – “I ordered calendars with Bible quotes for my clients to pass out at church functions, but they received half naked swim suit calendars instead and they are absolutely appalled”

(The Bible Verse Calendars and the Swimsuit calendars were 3 numbers apart like 1234 was bible verses and 1236 was the swimsuit calendars….)

M – puts person on hold to laugh Beavis and Butthead style and tell all my neighbors what happened

M – “Wow I have no words for that”

M – (to myself) wow I’m going to hell

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