Why did my bill go up this much?!

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Several years ago, I was working as an agent for a large insurance company. One day, I got a call from insured so she could bitch about her bill. She had lied about merit activity (points) on her daughter’s driving record…in fucking Detroit no less* and was shocked at the additional premium added to her bill.

Her initial premium was about $1,500 every six months. After we got her daughter’s MVR, it went up by an order of magnitude…yeah…15 thousand dollars every six months. A 17 year old kid with 8 or 9 points and a suspension on her record is going to be expensive as fuck to insure!

She canceled the policy immediately (no attempt to save it since there were underwriting blocks all over it), but since this was her third bill, she had to make up for the underpayment of her first two months of insurance. The amount due was somewhere north of five grand. She said she wouldn’t pay it and I said it would go to collections and be reported to credit agencies. She started yelling that we couldn’t do that because she was quoted a lower rate, we were committing fraud, yadda yadda…and I got sick of it.

Me: “You were quoted a lower rate because you engaged in material misrepresentation at the inception of your policy.”

Her: stops yelling “I what?”

Me: “You said your daughter had no tickets or accidents on her record. Not only did she have them, earlier in this call, you admitted knowing about them prior to the inception of this policy. That is called material misrepresentation. I’m not an attorney, but it could well be that it is you that is guilty of fraud.”

Her: “You can’t prove I said that! I didn’t say that!”

Me: “Ma’am, all calls to this number are recorded, as is announced before any call is ever connected. I can play the relevant portion of the call back for you if you like.”

She hung up…and she paid up about a month later.

*Detroit has the second highest rates I’ve ever seen in the 44 states I was licensed in. Manhattan was the only one that was worse.

Edit: I don’t mind questions about the place of business. I don’t work there anymore, but it was a great company to work for. They were good to the employees, extraordinarily ethical in their business practices, and an overall good company…it was Safeco. If the job paid more I’d probably still be doing it.

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