Wife thought I was cheating with her husband because he was on our phone line at 3:10 in the morning.

Hey guys, short but funny story here. Happened a couple years ago, when I was working as a 3rd shift call rep for a premier insurance based company. I left shortly after, but not due to this call. In fact it was one of my highlights from working there!

So I had gotten through my training I had been on the floor for about a month through day shift and it was time for me to officially switch to third shift. It was much more lax and we only had max of 100 people working third shift, about thirty or so working from home. Being a big name in insurance we had to have these many people active at night(keep in mind we had more than a couple hundred people on 1st and second shift)

Most calls were absolutely lovely, people commending us on what great deals we got for them, and rarely was there an issue. If they didn’t like our premiums they would just hang up. (mind you I was in sales mainly, basically trying to get people hooked on our automotive and home bundles) I didn’t have to work customer service, those agents and the customers they dealt with were a completely different ballgame which is why I don’t work customer service.

So it’s my second week in on 3rd shift, and I get a call from Tom at 3:10 in the morning. He sounds a little groggy, he keeps his voice soft and it starts off a little like this.

(m for me, t for Tom, and w for Tom’s wife)

M: Thanks for calling [premier auto and home insurance bundling company] what can I do for you tonight?

T: Hey my name is Tom, and I had a couple quick questions. It’s been bugging me for a couple days and I can’t get to sleep, but I’ll make it short.

M: No problem, Tom, I’d be more than happy to help you out with that! What questions can I answer for you today?

T: Well, I was actually wondering, I’ve got a Chevy equinox right now and I need to get full coverage on the vehicle. I tried calling around and they all wanted above 200 for being a new customer, premiums wouldn’t kick in for about six months, (etc. And more personal details later)

(beep booping on the computer, taking down as much information as I can, and enter wife,coming down the stairs)

M: Are you married?

T: Yeah, I’m married, does that matter?

M: Most certainly! It will affect the outcome of your premium per month, and with both of you on there, and with no recent history of collisions or tickets we can get your bill down to a measly 120$ per month!

T: You’d do that for me?

M: Of course, sir!

T: Really??

M: Absolutely sir!

(at this point I can hear how excited he is about his savings, and he’s totally gonna be a closed sale for the night. However, now I can hear his wife getting close to him, and a light turning on.

T: Yeah, I’d like that!

W: who are you talking to?!

(now the customer is confused and moves to talk to his wife.)

T: Uhh… It’s Jake.. From state farm.. Yeah, that sounds like a really good deal!

(I can now hear the wife taking the phone from his hands.)

W: Jake… From state farm…. At 3 in the morning?! WHO IS THIS?

T: uh… It’s Jake.. From state farm…

W: what are you wearing… JAKE from state farm?

M: uh… Khakis?

W: she sounds hideous!

T: well she’s a guy soo..

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