Customer Service Representative refuses to take her call.

Today I took a call at work that was really irritating and made no sense. So at my work we have to do warm transfers for all of our calls to other departments. The general is to get the customers name, account number and the reason why they are calling. This particular customer I got was not the problem as I understood he was frustrated in not being able to log into his account but I don’t handle accounts and as I tried to extract as much information from the customer and all I was able to get was his name. My interaction with the rep that was in charge of tech support went like this:

Let’s call her B and I’ll be me.

B: Thank you for calling **. What can I help you with ? Me: I have a customer on the line who needs to change his password and the website is not letting him. B: (already with a bad tone) Is it for this service or this other service ? Do you have his account number ? Me: The customer would not give me that information as he knows I cannot help him with his request. B: We need that information. Me: Can I put the customer through or do you want me to dial back? B: callback. (In the most matter of fact-ly and terrible tone.)

So I hung up on her and dial back and guess who I get ? B again. I was already irritated at her so I said.

Me: Hi B, it’s Me again. Are you going to take the call now? B: Did you get the information ? Me: As I mentioned before, the customer will not give me this information as he does not want to provide it twice. B: What’s the customers name ? Me: His name is ****. Can I have your employee number ? (We can ask for it and they have to provide it as we can report them if they are being rude or don’t want to do their job.) B: I don’t have to give you that as you’re just a customer service representative and you’re not doing your job. Me: I tried to ask for the information as I informed you two times, you’re the one that doesn’t want to do your job but don’t worry I’ll have my supervisor monitor who this call went to. B: Your job is to get that information. (This is when she hung up on me.)

It’s representatives like her that is why customers hate our company, honestly.

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