Second hand embarrassment

Apologies if formatting is off, mobile and such.

I work for a company that does seaside holidays. I’m a tier 1 advisor so I do bookings, payments and general customer care.

I had a lovely phone call with an older gentleman, I was booking him in and all was pleasant, at the end of the call I usually say “Have a good day!” Or “Take care!”, since this guy’s holiday was coming up in a few days I said “I hope you have a great holiday!” And he merrily replied “You too!” Without thinking and quickly hung up, I had to take 30 seconds out to get over the CRINGE.

I wish the poor dude hadn’t hung up before I had a chance to make him feel better about it 🙁

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Wife thought I was cheating with her husband because he was on our phone line at 3:10 in the morning.

Does anyone’s employer stand behind them when being abused by a caller?